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We get it.  

You're a small business owner.  

You'd love to bounce ideas and problems off someone, but everyone else is just as busy as you!

You know you need some way to keep up on trends, find solutions, get better at executing strategy or marketing... but where do you turn?

We'd like to introduce you to the Pixpro Inner Circle, a mastermind style group for small business owners.

As a member of the Pixpro Inner Circle, you'll get regular updated insights and knowledge through online calls done twice a month.


We bring in experts from different areas of business. You will hear solutions to the problems and challenges you and your company face. 

The exciting thing about this kind of group is the help you'll get, not just from the moderators but an entire group of business people ready to share their knowledge and experience with you.

The Pixpro Inner Circle is a global, exclusive group for those who own or lead a small business. 

If this sounds exciting to you, read on! 




"We are terrible at seeking evidence that challenges our own beliefs, but other people do us this favor, just as we are good at finding errors in other people’s beliefs."

Maria Konnikova
Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes

Who is it for?

You're in the big chair every day.  

Pixpro Inner Circle is suitable for the small business owner (or leader) with fewer than 50 employees.

If you want to develop yourself and your business, get inspiration and tips from others and reach your goals then Pixpro Inner Circle is for you.

Things you can expect from your membership

  • Develop yourself & your business
  • Redesign your offers or create packages of your offerings
  • Increase your price and/or your margins by marketing and sell in a different way
  • Have a more effective presence on social media
  • Simplify and streamline your business
  • Get acquainted with marketing automation and realize the benefits available

What is included in the membership?

Pixpro Inner Circle Live Video Group Conference Calls

We meet online for a live video group conferences call for up to 90 minutes twice a month. Each call begins with a short presentation about a current marketing, sales or activity development topic. Then we discuss  the calls topic as well as marketing, goals, business development and sales. We address questions like: What works? What needs to be better? What is the next step? Sometimes there are several participants in the conversation, sometimes there are fewer. Anyone who participates can ask questions and contribute their experiences. 

Pixpro Inner Circle Membership Area

You get access to a our membership area where you can find the recorded live video group conference calls, so you can watch & listen again or watch it for the first time if you missed the live call.

Facebook Group for Members Only

You will get invited to our Facebook group for Pixpro Inner Circle members only. This is your network for receiving and giving help to each other through group discussions between the the group calls.


BONUS When you sign up NOW you get instant access to the Pixpro Inner Circle Membership Area

When you become a member you can immediately start to watch the previous Membership Video Conference Calls 2018 where we talked about: 

  • Grow your business with Facebook LIVE
  • Public Speaking - tips from pros
  • How to leverage Facebook Messenger Bots to grow your business
  • Unforgettable brands
  • How personality tests can help you build an effective team
  • Are you ready for a full time salesperson?
  • How to Manage Cash Flow

  • How to Really Get To Know Your Ideal Client to Succeed in Business - Create an Avatar
  • The Importance of Life/Work Balance

  • GDPR - what is it and how does it affect my small business
  • Marketing Automation
  • How to deal with difficult clients

  • Clarify your agreements

  • Clarity


Pixpro Inner Circle Leaders

Sarah Watz | SWEDEN

Sarah is an experienced international lecturer, business developer and strategist focusing on digital marketing and automation. She makes it easy to understand the power of systematizing and automating company marketing, sales and internal routines to build a business. 

Rod Martin | USA

Rod is a digital marketing automation expert. Marketing automation helps businesses to succeed online by achieving their goals of lead generation and deal closing.

Joe Sonne | CANADA

Joe is a successful business owner with a background in business development, sales and marketing. He's also an internationally experienced motivational speaker.

What does the Pixpro Inner Circle membership cost?

We're excited to offer this introductory pricing of just $97 (or 79 EURO + VAT) per month. 

This founding members special introductory price will remain for the duration of your membership even after the membership price increases.

You can cancel your membership at any time.

Developing yourself and your business is not a quick fix. A commitment to the Pixpro Inner Circle for a longer time will give you the best results.

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Schedule 2018

Upcoming LIVE Membership Calls

November 22 - Tips for Top Business Tools

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December 6 & 20

We use the online service Zoom.us for our LIVE membership calls.

11 PM MYT / 5 PM CEST / 11 AM EDT / 8 AM PDT 

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Featured on the Pixpro Labs LIVE Show

On the #25 episode of the Pixpro Labs LIVE Show we introduced the Pixpro Inner Circle. Check it out and find out why you should join, what you get as a member, who it's for and much more.


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